Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know our correct size when ordering a ring?

To determine your ring size yourself, you will need to measure its circumference. We have taken care to explain step by step how to measure the circumference at home. You will find detailed instructions HERE.

How is a piece of jewelry purchased from Gardelli Gems shipped?

When ordering a piece of jewelry from our catalog, it will be made and delivered to your address within 15 days from the payment of the deposit. When ordering jewelry according to your model, it will be made and delivered to your address within a maximum period of 25 working days from the payment of the deposit. You can read more details HERE.

How will you receive your jewel from Gardelli Gems?

Your chosen piece of jewelry will arrive in a luxuriously packaged box, in which you will find an ecru pouch and a box with the Gardelli Gems logo. All our jewelry is necessarily accompanied by two documents - a gemological certificate and a guarantee certificate for the quality of the jewelry. For more information you will read HERE.

What should I do if my jewelry is damaged?

Gardelli Gems undertakes to repair your jewelery completely free of charge, provided the damage is not due to impact or drop.

How do I order a piece of jewelry?

If you have already chosen a piece of jewelry from our catalog, the order is placed by clicking the Add to cart button, followed by the Continue order button. You need to fill in your details as well as the delivery address. Make the down payment (of 50% of the price of the selected piece of jewelry) by bank transfer, indicating the order number. Our concern will be to send you the jewelry you have chosen by DHL from Italy to Bulgaria, and then your order is forwarded with Econt courier services to your address. The payment of the balance of the remaining 50% until the entire amount is paid is made by cash on delivery to the courier. 

How much does it cost to ship a piece of jewelry?

All our deliveries are absolutely free for you. Our concern is that you receive your jewelry in safe packaging and on time. All our jewelry is insured upon delivery. You can read more details HERE.

What metal is jewelry made of?

We, at Gardelli Gems, only make jewelery in 18K gold (in your desired color) or platinum. 

Can I order a piece of jewelry with a synthetic gemstone?

Our jewelry is made only with natural gemstones.

Can I order a piece of jewelry with my gemstone?

We prefer to work with our precious stones, because of the certainty that they are natural and of high quality. However, we understand that sometimes our customers would like to make a new piece of jewelry with an heirloom gemstone or one given to them by a loved one. In such cases, we will gladly make an exception and create the jewelry with your precious stone.

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